Paul Burner, Owner, Slide Arts Graphic Design
Paul Burner, President Slide Arts Graphic Design

In 1987 PC Slide Arts, Inc was formed by Paul Burner as a design company to support local businesses. Our name came from the fact that our original service was creating business presentations on 35mm film (as LCD projectors had not been invented yet).

Satisfied clients and their requests for “more” have always been the impetus of new services offered from “Slide Arts”. In the early 90s we transitioned into doing brochures, direct mail, catalogs. We now have over 20 years of history in the print world and understand how to communicate visually on this medium.

During those same early to mid-90s years we experienced the beginnings of the public use of the internet – and the desire for a presence. “You’ve made my slides and my brochures, can you make me a website?” was often heard. We jumped deep into website design for clients in Lincoln, NE and around the world!

Paul is now passionate about responsive WordPress website design. Sites that are mobile friendly across all devices, and built on a browser-based platform that allows YOU the end user the ability to manage your website from any computer, anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection).

We have had the honor of serving your design needs since 1987 – and we value your trust. You are the reason we exist.

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